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De Novo® Self-Cleaning Lint Brushes

Effective, stylish & self-cleaning for all your cleaning needs.

Our products are stylish and innovative. Equipped with electrostatic micro-bristles so the lint, hair, fuzz is attracted to the brush or roller like a magnet. Along with our self-cleaning technology it means less trash for you to discard (no more disposable sticky sheets and no more buying refills), without compromising style, because each of our lint brushes are made to be displayed.

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The value and quality are all there! My customers are very impressed.


Penn Township


This brush highly is recommended. I am very happy with it and so far it is the best I've tried. It removes more hair than a lint roller and is quicker and easier. I'm currently on the site about to purchase my second one.




I bought this to keep in my purse because I wear an all black uniform to work and cat hair is everywhere. I decided to use this on my lamps because my vat hair tends to cling to it, and they are so hard to clean, and I used this on them and ALL the hair came off with one swipe!!! I am absolutely sold and will be buying the Deluxe or the Basics one for my couch and pillows!!!!


This lint brush works very well. It is easy to use and picks everything up. It has a nice design and is very easy to clean.

Jenny Braunwalder



I did like it! 😻 Its perfect for a cat-mom just like me! We have a lot of hair in our house and this helps us a lot!

Emilie Ellingsen


Clean Like No Other

When you buy a De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint Brush, you help fund pet shelters throughout the USA.

Deluxe and On-The-Go Bundle De Novo
Deluxe and On-The-Go Bundle De Novo
Deluxe and On-The-Go Bundle De Novo
Deluxe and On-The-Go Bundle De Novo


Deluxe and On-The-Go Bundle
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Bundle Pack | Two of De Novo®'s most popular lint brushes all bundled together.

De Novo ® Deluxe Self-Cleaning Lint Brush

Do you love your pets and hate to see their pet hair everywhere? A must-have for any pet owner, the De Novo® Deluxe Self-Cleaning Lint Brush is a revolutionary way to keep your clothes lint-free and in tip-top condition. This powerful lint brush will quickly pick up those big messes you may have. The magically bristles on this brush attract the pet hair and lint directly to it, making it so much easier for you to clean.

De Novo ® On-The-Go Lint Roller

Lint rollers with sticky sheets are no longer your only option. The De Novo® On-The-Go lint roller is the first of its kind. Extraordinarily effective, these compact lint roller tools are designed to clean your clothes, furniture, and other linens with ease.  You'll be amazed at how easily and quickly this lint brush removes even the toughest issues. This compact and lightweight product is designed to replace your traditional sticky sheet lint roller. Its small size and simple design make it perfect for your purse, home, car, or office. The durable design ensures these lint rollers will last.

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De Novo® Self-Cleaning Lint Brushes was established in 2021 ⎯ right in the middle of the pandemic. This hispanic woman-owned business has proven to be a clear best-seller. Experience the consistency and stability of results that have led to our company's sucess. We invite you to become a part of the De Novo® family!

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Which Brush Is Right For Me?

TheDe Novo™ Back-to-Basics Lint Brush with Wooden Handleand De Novo™ Deluxe Self-Cleaning Lint Brush work very well on all surfaces of furniture and upholstery. They are slim and easily fit in the cracks. Additionally, these two brushes are larger than our other options.

The De Novo™ Everyday Pet Hair Roller is like a handheld vacuum and works perfectly for your carpets, rugs, and stairs. 

The De Novo™ Lush Self-Cleaning Lint Brushis smaller and better suited for clothing. However, I personally use both the De Novo™ Back-to-Basics Lint Brush with Wooden Handle and  De Novo™ Deluxe Self-Cleaning Lint Brush for my clothing as well.

If you want a lint brush that can fit in a suit pocket, then you definitely want to get theDe Novo™ Pocket Lint Brush. If you want a slightly larger one that fits nicely in a purse, then theDe Novo™ On-The-Go Lint Rolleris a great option.

The De Novo™ Back-to-Basics Lint Brush with Wooden Handle and  De Novo™ Deluxe Self-Cleaning Lint Brush are the two best sellers and overall best suited for all purposes.