De Novo® Everyday Pet Hair Roller De Novo
De Novo® Everyday Pet Hair Roller De Novo

De Novo® Everyday Pet Hair Roller

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The De Novo® Everyday Pet Hair Roller tackles the seemingly impossible task of removing unwanted pet fur, lint, and hair from your clothes and fabric surfaces. There are no refills, no tape, and no messes. A must-have for your clothes and your furniture for all four-legged pet owners!

✔️  MUST-HAVE IF YOU OWN CATS OR DOGS – You will not find a better brush at cleaning pet fur off clothes and upholstery. This pet hair cleaner works like magic. It’s the ideal choice for pets that shed a lot.

✔️ SELF-CLEANING BASE  - Avoid having to remove all the hair off your lint brush by hand and make your life easier, by having a lint roller that self-cleans.

✔️  NATURAL LINT MAGNET- Great for everyday cleaning of your favorite fabrics; regular brushing removes lint, fuzz, dust and hair from sweaters, shirts, towels and more.

✔️ NO REFILLS - This is a zero waste lint roller; intended to last. Millions of plastic-coated sheets of sticky paper being tossed in the trash every year. The coating on single-use lint roller sheets is not recyclable, and neither is the flimsy plastic frame holding them. Say goodbye to sticky sheets and refills that are not recyclable and say Hello to the De Novo self-cleaning lint brushes.

✔️ EASY-TO-EMPTY COMPARTMENT - The compartment at the base of the lint brush collects all the fur and lint off the brush. Just pop it open and empty the contents - it’s really that simple.

    OUR GUARANTEE -  We know it's hard to decide on purchasing a product online, so we offer 100% money back guarantee! You can try the De Novo® Lint Brush risk-free. If you do not love it, you do not pay for it - it is that simple. No hard feelings. We can still be friends ❤️ 

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