Plumpy entered our lives in 2013. At first, she was not at all the kind of cat we would have kept. She was vicious. I think my husband and I lived with scratch marks all over are arms and legs. When she was not on attack mode, she was hiding from us. It was honestly a very unpleasant experience in the beginning. Trying to be a good foster mom, I did everything I could to try to get her adopted. I would take her to Petco every weekend so that she could be part of the adoption events, I even tried to make a video of her so that LDCRF Foster program, could showcase her and she could find her forever home. Little did I know, that she had already found her forever home, because even though she was a vicious kitty, I didn't want to give up on her. 

And, I am not too sure at what point it all changed, but it did. She suddenly began to open up. She would come out to greet us when we came home. Caress our legs when we were watching TV. Having watched her bloom into an amazing, warm, loving cat, there was no way we could let Plumpy go. So, we did what so many other foster parent do, we adopted Plumpy.

So in honor of Plumpy (who was originally named Sable) and everything she went through, we will be donating to animal shelters throughout the USA. Whether it is products to help them clean up some of the mess they have to deal with or financial assistance. 

Our goal is to add a little more love to lives of so many pets out there that need a home. We believe in the power of love and the simple comfort of having a foster or an adopted pet parent can really make a difference in the lives of so many pets.  By buying one of our lint brushes you will be supporting an amazing organization, the first home of our beloved, Plumpy.